Paid (PPC) marketing manager

SIA “Adaptive Media” is searching for an in-house paid advertising manager (PPC marketing project manager) who will help to grow and expand our paid advertisement revenue and reach.

Job Description

You will be responsible for the overall paid ad strategy development, hiring and managing your own team, as well as ad creation and optimization. You will need to autonomously work towards revenue goals and manage your own marketing budget. And you will be reporting directly to the company’s CEO.


  • To plan, create and optimize Adwords campaigns across dozens of countries and languages.
  • To optimize and test landing page designs, arrangements, and types.
  • To scale existing markets and countries and test new markets, countries, and niches.

  • To hire, lead and train our in-house ads team.

  • To manage and reduce risks associated with paid advertising (such as account bans, competition, affiliate partner risks, etc.).

  • To manage, find and test new affiliate partners in order to increase revenue and reduce risks.

  • To create best practices for content creation and product availability checking.

  • To test new ad networks, ad types and remarketing.

  • To find new growth opportunities.


  • At least two years of experience in managing Adwords campaigns.

  • Project management skills.

  • Team management experience.

  • Experience in working with other PPC networks (for example Bing, Yandex, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

  • Critical and analytical thinking skills.

  • Ability to prioritize tasks and execute the most impactful ones first.

  • Ability to analyze and make sense of large amounts of data.

  • Have to be detail-oriented and have a hands-on approach to work: build things from scratch and adapt to change.

  • Have to be fluent in English

  • Experience working with affiliate campaigns and/or websites will be regarded as a bonus.

  • Latvian language skills will be regarded as a plus as well.

What we offer:

  • An office in the Center of Riga or Valmiera.
  • Flexible work schedule.

  • Full-time salary negotiable based on experience (in the range from 1700-2500 EUR GROSS).

  • Performance-based bonuses.

  • Opportunity to create and manage your own team.

  • No bureaucracy: you will report directly to the CEO.

  • Ability to create your own methods and strategies from scratch.

  • Ability to allocate and use the marketing budget where you see that it will be the most profitable.

About us

SIA “Adaptive Media” is a Latvia-based company that specializes in creating different projects and monetizing them via affiliate partnerships. From day one our company has been bootstrapped without the help of investors which means that we don’t have any external obligations. Since our company was established 5 years ago we have created hundreds of projects in more than 30 different countries that receive millions of visitors each year.

In the past, our main line of business was search engine optimization (SEO) where we are still dominating various markets and niches. But now, as we are rapidly expanding our internet marketing reach into various paid marketing channels, we are looking for a professional in this field who can help us continue to grow.


If you have what it takes and want to work in a fast growing company then send your CV and Cover Letter to or fill out the contact form below.

The applicant selection process will happen in three stages.